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Sonne enjoys sharing the world from different perspectives.

Her creative work for Oscar, Emmy, Peabody, and CINE Golden Eagle winning projects has taken her to memorable places. She's explored all seven continents and dove many oceans. She has written/produced for series on NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC, DISCOVERY, ANIMAL PLANET, PBS and network and cable television. Topics included cultural anthropology, travel, food, the arts, history, health, science, social issues, and creativity around the world. Her own award-winning documentary, an international co-production narrated by Gregory Peck was sent to the MIR Space Station.

Her magazine credits range from A (AAA LIVING) to Y (YACHTING) and include LIFE, HISTORY, DIVER, AVIATION HISTORY, USC, AUDIO, TIME FOR KIDS, TRAVEL WORLD and AAA LIVING with cover stories for the in-flight AMERICAN WAY and for STANFORD magazines.

Her newspaper writing about Kenya (2009) and the Baltics (2010) won awards from NATJA (North American Travel Journalists Association). Her internet travel essay won a Silver in 2011. Her current book for Barnes and Noble, EVERYTHING 101, was deemed "cool" by Jay Leno.

As a travel journalist and current member of the Explorer's Club, she travels with cameras and curiosity and enjoys sharing the world, her own journeys, and the exploration and discovery of others. She helped map caves in Mexico and track whales off Hawaii and write about synchronous fireflies in Malaysia.

Inventor Graham Hawkes says she is the first woman to "fly underwater" in his winged submersible (2003) an adventure chronicled on NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC's TODAY show. She also covered the MIR subs when they first took humans to the Bismarck wreck, and Stephanie Schwab when the first samples were pulled from the "Black Holes" of the Bahamas. She's also written about personal submersibles for WIRED.COM and UNDERWATER TIMES and about James Cameron's record dive for NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC TRAVEL (2012).

Sonne has floated up and somersaulted in Zero G with cosmonauts and astronauts over Russia for a piece in LIFE magazine, and covered space and space tourism for many outlets, including which she helped develop and launch. She survived small plane acrobatics over Houston for a cover story of an astronaut for the AMERICAN WAY in-flight magazine. In 2009 she bounced her questions up to the moon and back down to earth to Apollo astronaut Bill Anders for a long distance interview.

Her photographs have been in books and magazines, and on album covers and posters. She has produced jazz and classical records that made the Billboard charts, helped run the Stanford Lively Arts, and company managed touring Broadway shows.

She has gotten married on three continents -- to the same man, and is looking forward to the other four continents. Together, she and Victor Dorff, founded Possibilitators and Charity Checks, a new way of giving.

She is currently writing books, travelling, speaking, and publishing, which she hopes adds to your enjoyment of the wonders of the world.

Bon Voyage & Bon Appetite!

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