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Wonders of the World Beckon

Replace wanderlust with wonderlove on any continent, and collect more "aaahhhs" and awe in life.

Would you like to stay comfortable while leaving your "comfort zone"?

*Don't worry about "survival of the fittest" in Darwin's Galapagos, as you go island-hopping on the yacht that Princess Grace sailed on her honeymoon.

*Try going to Polynesia with no need for Mutiny and lots of Bounty. The Windstar sails four-masted ships between Bora Bora, Tahiti and other paradises.

*You can head to the Amazon and piranha fish in the afternoon and return to your floating air conditioned suite with floor to ceiling windows.

Adventure Journal

Create your own adventures and co-author a book with Lisa TE Sonne's latest,
My Adventures: A Traveler's Journal. The book serves as inspiration muse, information resource, and your exciting diary.

Sonne was awarded in 2014 the GOLD for Best Destination writing in an International Newspaper 2013 from NATJA (North American Travel Journalist's Association.)
Visit for more on her books.

Visit for stories on the wonders of National Parks, romantic travel, great hotels, and adventures on various continents.

Enjoy a "quickie" trip for sixty seconds at You can snorkel in tropical waters and caves, windsurf in the Carribbean, and more.

See for the best dining in Bonaire, and how to cruise the capitals of Europe.

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Papua New Guinea