In BUENOS AIRES reach for a local mate (gourd drink) for stimulation, and hit the streets for great walking and gawking in "the Paris of South America. " European architecture, Latin Passion, old trees in abundant parks, summer weather in January, street vignettes. For good sleeping and pampering stay at the PARK TOWER SHERATON on a high floor for sweeping views of the classic train starion, British tower and active port. Night life includes Tango and superlative beef at dinners that go past midnight.

THE RECOLETA in "BA" is one of the world's memorable cemetaries for famous and infamous dead, and tales that come out of the crypt. A good guide will share stories worthy of movies and operas.

EL TIGRE: Take a half day to boat along the beautiful vacation homes and recreation clubs of those that "have." A stop at the EL TIGRE ART MUSEUM is worth it for the building alone and the insides are an artful bonus. Lunch at EL NIGRI is a juicy treat for any carnivore.

Cross the world's widest river, La Plata, for an hour and arrive in Uruguay at COLONIA DE SACRAMENTO: For some nature and some nurture, stay at the SHERATON COLONIA away from the town, on a secluded part of the Rio. Circular swimming pools, wild sand dunes and the Hippodrome Race track are all within view from the hotel's Glass Elevators.

COLONIA exudes a quiet charm with Portuguese, Spanish and Italian influences from past centuries. Winding cobblestoned streets offer lovely finds around the bend. Take time to climb the light house, honor the sunset over the water along the broad ramblas and enjoy some of the live music that fills many worthy restaurants .

Leave the enchanting coast and head inland to see active Gaucho life on an "ESTANCIAs." At THE REFUGE outside Puente De Este, wild Uruguayan horses are tamed. There's also a museum to honor those that died in the plane crash in the Andes, made famous in ALIVE. Chairs in the shade and expansive vistas make this a good spot for leasurely reflection. At night, the Milky Way paints a white swath, and the Southern Cross shines brightly.
Resort Beaches close to organic wineries, and sunbathing and museum gazing in the same day, are partly why Uruguay gives value to a vacation. The people are the real asset---friendly, cultured, and not yet jaded by influxes of tourists.

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