You can enjoy “Europe by the Numbers” as highlighted in AMERICAN WAY magazine or explore Europe in words and images. Now featuring:


Ireland tickles the imagination with tales of fairies, leprechauns, Blarney stones, ghosts and pots of gold at the end of rainbows. Ireland also tackles reality with “The Best.”


Latvia’s great capital of Riga is featured in photographs and images in the award winning article "Best of the Baltics."
The city bursts with creativity in architecture and food.


Lithuania offers a rich history of faith and spirituality, including paganism, Judaism, and Christianity.
Vilnius, the capital, is a great walking and water city, still relatively undiscovered by tourists, and thankfully not part of the cruise ship traffic.


Any time of year, head to Norway, as one of the most peaceful places on the planet, but for a heads up bonanza, think Winter for the as featured on National Geographic’s Intelligent Traveller with VIDEO. Norway is a “top pick.”


“Saint Petes” is featured in the award-winning article “Best of the Baltics.” NATJA Award SealThe historic “Moscow Sessions” (co-produced by this website's publisher) celebrates its 25 anniversary. See what’s happening with Maestros in Moscow, hosted by Gregory Peck and produced and written by Lisa Sonne. VIDEO


The Basque Country offers visuals in photos and something for all the senses in this piece in TravelLady magazine. Barcelona is also celebrated in photos, and Gaudi and La Sagrada are highlighted in the pages of American Way magazine.

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